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    For all your work safety boots / shoes Workboots R Us is your online safety footwear store. We carry an extensive range of work boots for men and women from all the leading brands. Steel Blue, Mongrel Boots, Oliver, PUMA Safety, Blundstone


    We aim to bring you the best quality safety footwear at good prices. We offer a wide range of work boots at hugely discounted prices. We have a number of styles of shoes that we sell at clearance prices. Check our online site regularly for new discounted safety shoes

  • Steel Toe Cap Boots

    Our range of safety steel toe cap shoes and boots are designed to meet Australian Safety Standards. We carry an extensive range of steel toe cap shoe and boots for men & women. We carry steel toed cap boots from all the major safety shoe brands including Steel Blue, PUMA, Baxter, Oliver, Mongrel Boots, Aimont

  • Composite Toe Caps

    Composite Toe Cap Safety Boots - lightweight but with protection.

  • Metal Free

    Metal free safety work boots and shoes. Perfect for professionals in enviroments such as airports.

  • Special Industry

    Special Industry Safety Boots & Safety Shoes Some industries demand special safety boots and shoes. We currently carry a range of special industry boots suitable for riggers, coolroom / freezer boots, electrical hazard and electro static discharge shoes and boots. Importantly, if you work in an industry that requires specialist safety footwear, and you are having trouble finding them, please contact us by email. We have access to a large variety of specialist industry safety footwear and would be more than pleased to assist you.

  • Executive Range - Safety Shoes

    We carry and extensive range of stylish and functional work boots and shoes for the executive. We cater to men and women that require safety work boots for working both in the field and in the office. We hand pick our range to offer quality, style and affordability.

  • Aluminium Toe Cap

    Aluminium toe cap boots provide a layer of reinforced protection for your toes. Its light weight materials ensure that your boot will stand up to expectation without sacrificing comfort. The aluminium toe cap is perfect for the outdoor tradesman.

  • ESD Electrostatic Discharge

    Workboots R Us carry a range of ESD shoes and boots from leading manufacturers. If you are in a work environment that requires you to wear ESD rated safety shoes, then check our range.

  • Dress Boots

    Workboots R Us also offer a range of quality dress boots for men and women. We stock dress a wide selection of quality boots from Baxter. Baxter are an Australia company that has been making quality boots since 1850.

  • Accessories
  • Freezer boots
  • Vegan Safety Shoes

    These products contains no animal materials, nor has any animal by-products or components that were tested on animals. These prodcuts are vegan rated.

  • Electrical Hazard Rated

    Footwear that are Electrical Hazard rated to ASTM F2413 Standard (USA) are suitable for electricians, plumbers, contractors etc working in areas where here there is a high risk of electrical shock.

  • Fibreglass Toe Cap

    Fibreglass toe cap, lighter than a common steel toe cap, yet providing the same impact protection of 200 joules. It also provides greater toe space than traditional toe caps.

  • Non-Safety

    Does not contain safety toe cap.

  • Impulse Foam

    Impulse.Foam anti-fatigue technology is an innovative feature that offers up 55% energy return. This feature is found in some Puma Safety and Gator Safety shoes and provides maximum cushioning, excellent stability and long lasting comfort.

  • Waterproof

    Waterproof Footwear with waterproof membrane.


Workboots R Us sell a wide range of protective footwear suitable for a diverse range of industries and environments including; construction, heavy industry, transportation, hospitality, aviation, mining. Our styles of safety boots for men & women are extensive. We sell all the major brands of safety boots from manufacturers such as Puma Safety, Steel Blue, Mongrel Boots, Baxter Boots, Aimont Works Shoes & Boots, Blundstone. Browse by category to find the work boots suitable for your industry. To make it more simple to shop you can search by the features that you need in a safety boot, steel toe safety boot, light weight composite toe cap, aluminium toe cap, esd shoe, dress shoes, airport friendly / metal free shoes, or special industry boots such as rigger boots or freezer / coolroom boots. Workboots R Us Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane


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