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Gator Polar GP2404 - Freezer / Coolroom Boot

The Gator Polar GP2404 safety boot is perfect for freezer / cool room working environments.

NOW AVAILABLE IN SIZE 14 (with a steel toe-cap)

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Gator - Polar Freezer / Cool Room Boot - Waterproof


The Gator Polar Freezer / Coolroom safety is specifically designed for workers operating in extreme sub zero temperatures such as freezer rooms or cool rooms where temperatures can be as low as -40°C (subject to time and condition).The Polar was designed to ensure maximum comfort and protection in these harsh work environments.

The toe cap is made from composite material which does not conduct the cold yet still providing 200Joule impact protection. The Polar is lined with the maximum 600g Thinsulate cold insulating and anti-cold material from 3M. A composite anti-perforation plate in the sole also provides additional insulation from the cold. The Polar has is fully waterproof and is zip sided with a waterproof webbing.

• 600g Thinsulate thermal insulation
• Composite toe cap with 200j impact protection
• Water resistant full grain leather upper with FULL WATERPROOF MEMBRANE
• Can be worn in temperatures as low as -40°C (subject to time and conditions)
• Zip side with webbing
• Bump cap protection with ankle support
• 300°C heat resistant rubber outsole
• Composite pierce resistant insulating midsole
• Breathable lining
• Flexible, durable, slip resistant, acid and oil resistant, anti-static and comfortable.


Toe Cap:
Composite toe-cap 200J, (50% lighter than steel)
300 degree Celsius heat resistant rubber outsole and Kevlar Pierce Resistant and insulating mid sole
Water resistant full grain leather upper with full waterproof membrane.
Thinsulate:® cold insulating and anti-cold fabric for a perfect thermic microclimate in all weather conditions. Beathable Lining.
Zip sided for wearer's convenience.
7-14 (Full UK sizes only) Please note that size 14 has a steel toe-cap and not composite.


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